Branch program

Please join us on Wednesday, November 13th at 12:30 p.m. in room 208B at the Perinton Community Center to welcome back Resolve CEO Allison O’Malley and to meet her RITa research partner, Nicole Trabold, PhD, LMS.  The program is free and open to the public. Please join us and bring guests and potential members along. We’ll have dessert at the end of the program and try out the virtual health counselor with Allison and Nicole’s guidance.

We will learn about the following:

* The 2018 Domestic Violence Report from Willow (released in October 2019)

* An overview of HEAL at the University of Rochester, a new service available to the Rochester community

* A demo of RITa, a virtual health counselor, and a chance to participate in an evaluation of this service offered by Resolve

* Learn about Allison’s journey with Resolve and her plan for the next year, as she moves along from her CEO position.

 (Alli) O’Malley is CEO of RESOLVE of Greater Rochester, an innovative nonprofit organization that sees intimate partner (domestic) violence differently. For over 20 years, RESOLVE has delivered non-residential, transitional services to IPV victims and survivors committed to rebuilding their lives and establishing sustainable independence. O’Malley, an intimate partner violence survivor herself, is a passionate advocate who envisions a future where violence in intimate relationships and families is no longer tolerated. She believes that health care providers, the faith community, and schools are essential collaborators in the critical work of preventing IPV and promoting healthy relationships, strong families, and safe communities.